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Real-Time Visualization and Quantitation of Vascular Permeability In Vivo: Implications for Drug Delivery

Figure 2

Intravital imaging assesses real-time changes in vascular permeability induced by VEGF and PEP.

A. A series of representative images from intravital imaging experiments is shown. An accumulation of fluorescence outside the vasculature over time is seen in those embryos treated with VEGF or PEP compared to PBS. B. Images were captured and quantified every 15 minutes over a period of 3 hours to evaluate the extent of vascular leak. Vascular leak values were generated by subtracting time 0 values from subsequent time points. Asterisks indicate significant leak of dextran from the vasculature (2-way ANOVA, p<0.05 followed by Bonferroni post-tests, (p<0.05)) comparing either PBS vs VEGF, or PBS vs PEP at each time point.

Figure 2