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Therapeutic Effects of Autologous Tumor-Derived Nanovesicles on Melanoma Growth and Metastasis

Figure 1

Preparation and characterization of tumor-derived NVs.

A. Western blot analysis of the melanoma antigen tyrosinase in fractions of tumor-derived NVs obtained from the Optiprep density gradients. The density of each fraction was determined by measuring absorbance at 340 nm. B. Transmission electron micrograph of the NVs prepared from autologous melanoma tissues. Bar, 200 nm. C. Size distribution of NVs, measured by dynamic light-scattering, shows a diameter range of 80–150 nm. D. Western blot detection of tyrosinase, melan-A, and histone in 10 µg of whole cell lysate (WC), exosomes (EX), and NV.

Figure 1