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DYNAMO-HIA–A Dynamic Modeling Tool for Generic Health Impact Assessments

Figure 4

Schematic overview of the dimension of a multi-cohort, multistate-life table.

Each plane is a distinct cohort with varying starting ages for cohorts already existing at the starting year of the simulation and starting age zero for cohorts born during the simulation run. The cohort life tables, consisting of the set of individual risk-factor biographies, follow every already existing birth cohort until the cohort reaches 105 years of age. In addition, every year of the simulation a cohort of newborns is created and – after simulating individual risk-factor biographies for them – is followed through the appropriate disease life tables as well. This allows collecting health data for each cohort according to their risk-factor status (longitudinal) or the health status of the population by age, sex, and risk-factor status by each year of the simulation (cross-sectional).

Figure 4