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DYNAMO-HIA–A Dynamic Modeling Tool for Generic Health Impact Assessments

Figure 1

Example of risk-factor biographies for a risk-factor with three categories.

DYNAMO-HIA simulates individuals and projects their risk-factor biographies. The risk-factor status is being updated in one-year increments, given age- and sex-specific transition probabilities. The age- and sex-specific risk-factor status determines the relative risk of a person to contract a disease or to die. DYNAMO-HIA allows one risk-factor per scenario. This risk-factor can be either categorical (up to ten categories), duration dependent (up to ten categories, of which one is duration dependent, i.e. the risk on disease in this category depends on how long a person is in the category), or a continuous distribution (normal or log-normal, specified by entering mean, standard deviation, and, in the case of the log-normal, skewness).

Figure 1