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Imaging the Impact of Chemically Inducible Proteins on Cellular Dynamics In Vivo

Figure 6

Intravital time-lapse imaging of fluorescent protein induction in 231LN cells in vivo.

231LN cells expressing tdTomato (red) and inducible zsGreen-DD (green) were injected intravenously in the avian embryo and allowed to extravasate and proliferate into micrometastases. Representative time-lapse images (maximum intensity projections) are shown after intravenous administration of Vehicle (A), 0.2 µM Shield-1 (B), and 0.5 µM Shield-1 (C). D) Quantification of in vivo zsGreen fluorescence in tdTomato-positive cells over time. Data for Vehicle (black kinetic), 0.2 µM Shield-1 (red kinetic), 0.5 µM Shield-1 (green kinetic), and 1.0 µM Shield-1 (blue kinetic) are represented as averages of at least three movies analyzed in each group. Error bars are SE and scale bar represents 25 µm.

Figure 6