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Delayed Cutaneous Wound Healing and Aberrant Expression of Hair Follicle Stem Cell Markers in Mice Selectively Lacking Ctip2 in Epidermis

Figure 6

Aberrant expression of markers of HF stem cells in Ctip2ep−/− mice skin during wound repair.

IHC analysis of (A) K15, (B) NFATc1 (red), (C) CD133 and (D) CD34 and (E) Lirg1 expression in HF on day 5 post wound healing samples from Ctip2L2/L2 and Ctip2ep−/− mice, using specific antibodies (* indicates loss of CD133 positive cells). The yellow dotted lines indicate the separation of epidermis from dermis near the wound bed (Day5 samples) in (A) and white dotted lines outline the HF. All sections were counterstained with DAPI (blue). Arrow heads indicate K15 positive cells (A). HE-hyperproliferative epithelium; E- epidermis; D- dermis; HF- Hair follicle; Bu-Bulge; JZ-junctional zone. Scale bars: 50 µm.

Figure 6