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Caenorhabditis elegans Battling Starvation Stress: Low Levels of Ethanol Prolong Lifespan in L1 Larvae

Figure 9

Arrested wild-type L1 larvae incorporate medium ethanol into stearic and palmitic acids.

The isotopic distribution of stearic acid methyl ester and palmitic acid methyl ester from L1 larvae incubated for 7 days in 1 mM fully-deuterated ethanol is shown for the non-deuterated “sharp” peak (panels A and C) and for the earlier-eluting broad deuterated peak (panels B and D) (compare with Figure 8, panel B). Isotopic analysis of the broad peaks shows deuterium incorporation into stearic acid methyl ester that results in addition of 4–10 mass units (panel B) not seen in non-deuterated peak (panel A). Similarly, the earlier-eluting peak for palmitic acid methyl ester shows deuterium incorporation that results in addition of 4–7 mass units (panel D) not seen in the non-deuterated material (panel C).

Figure 9