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Caenorhabditis elegans Battling Starvation Stress: Low Levels of Ethanol Prolong Lifespan in L1 Larvae

Figure 6

Alcohols containing 3 and 4 carbons can extend the lifespan of arrested wild-type L1 larvae.

Survival was analyzed for wild-type L1 larvae (70,000) incubated at 20°C and 160 rpm as described in Figure 1 in either 70 ml of M9 medium only, or 70 ml of M9 medium supplemented with 4 mM methanol, n-propanol, or n-butanol (panel A), or M9 medium only, or M9 medium supplemented with 4 mM ethanol, methanol, n-propanol, n-butanol, isopropanol, or isobutanol (panel B). Survival was scored every 48 hours until all nematodes were dead. Mantel-Cox logrank analyses demonstrated significance (p<0.0001) for the lifespan difference of all alcohols versus controls except for methanol (p = 0.58 in panel A and p = 0.28 in panel B) and isopropanol (p = 0.43).

Figure 6