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Caenorhabditis elegans Battling Starvation Stress: Low Levels of Ethanol Prolong Lifespan in L1 Larvae

Figure 4

Concentrations of ethanol in incubated M9 medium and in M9 medium with arrested wild-type L1 larvae.

L1 larvae (70,000) were isolated as described in Figure 1 and were incubated at 20°C at 160 rpm in 70 ml of M9 medium supplemented with 4 mM, 17 mM, and 68 mM ethanol (panels A, B, and C, respectively). The concentration of ethanol in the medium with L1 larvae (green curve) and a control medium without larvae (orange) was measured over time as described in the “Methods” section. Measurements were taken until all larvae were dead. The error bars correspond to the standard deviation of triplicate assays. We note the small differences between the nominal concentrations of ethanol added and the initial concentrations detected - the origin of this difference is not clear.

Figure 4