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A New Model for Raf Kinase Inhibitory Protein Induced Chemotherapeutic Resistance

Figure 6

RKIP depletion induces hydrogen peroxide and chemotherapeutic resistance.

A, WST assay showing enhanced survival of RKIP depleted HEK-499 compared to control cells with increasing hydrogen peroxide concentration. B, MTT assay/dose response curve depicting the chemosensitivity of HEK-293 and HEK-499 after treatment with various Cisplatin concentrations for 16 hours and (C) for 60 hours. D, Early apoptosis estimation using Anexin V of HEK-293 and 499 cells after treatment with 10 µg/ml Cisplatin for 16 hours demonstrating significant resistance of HEK-499 cells to apoptotic death. Asterisks indicate statistical significance (p<0.05 compared to equivalent controls).

Figure 6