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A New Model for Raf Kinase Inhibitory Protein Induced Chemotherapeutic Resistance

Figure 5

RKIP modulates NRF2-ARE containing genes.

A, mRNA expression levels by RT-PCR of RKIP and 8 NRF2-inducible genes showing overexpression of genes involved in cellular protection from oxidative stress and chemotherapy in HEK-499 cells with silenced RKIP normalized to HEK-293 control cells. B, Shows fold changes in mRNA expression of the NQO1 gene in HEK-499 cells normalized to their equivalent control. C, mRNA expression levels of RKIP and the same 8 NRF2-inducible genes in Doxycycline induced Flip-in T-Rex 293 cells normalized to uninduced control cells. D, mRNA expression fold change of NQ1 gene in Doxycycline treated Flip-in T-Rex 293 cells normalized to untreated control cells. The gene names are shown on the X-axis. The fold change was calculated using ΔΔCT normalized threshold method. Error bars represent ±S.D. Dashed lines represent 1-fold change in expression. C, Repeat western blot and densitometric analysis of RKIP protein expression levels in the depicted cells confirming the RKIP-mRNA data shown in panel A. Asterisks indicate statistical significance (p<0.05 compared to equivalent controls).

Figure 5