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An RNA-Seq Strategy to Detect the Complete Coding and Non-Coding Transcriptome Including Full-Length Imprinted Macro ncRNAs

Figure 2

Tag coverage of genes differs between fragmentation methods and ribosomal RNA depletion methods.

The coverage of genes with sequence tags is shown as the normalized number of tags at relative positions throughout the gene length. UTRs and coding exons were analysed separately and are plotted as 10 bins for 5′UTRs and 3′UTRs and 100bins for the coding exons (separated by vertical dotted line). (A) Comparison of the coverage in the RiboMinus dataset for the combined tags of CCE and FH from RNA-hydrolysis (black) and cDNA-shearing (grey). (B) Comparison of the coverage in the RNA-hydrolysis RiboMinus dataset (dotted line, same as in A) and in Ribo-Zero dataset plotted separately for CCE (black) and FH (grey). For all analyses the genes were separated into three groups according to their cDNA length (coding exons and 5′ and 3′ UTRs) as indicated.

Figure 2