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Antibodies Recognizing Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis Epitopes Cross-React with the Beta-Cell Antigen ZnT8 in Sardinian Type 1 Diabetic Patients

Figure 4

Ab reactivities against the MAP3865c protein are inhibited by MAP3865c125–133 and MAP3865c133–141 peptides.

Ab+ and Ab-negative sera from T1D patients were pre-incubated overnight with saturating concentrations (5.5 µM) of MAP3865c125–133, MAP3865c133–141, the two peptides in combination, MAP3865c-MBP fusion protein and control or no peptide. Their reactivity on MAP3865c-MBP-coated ELISA plates was subsequently tested. Bars depict means ± SEM of triplicate wells and results are representative of three separate experiments.

Figure 4