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Cell-Type Independent MYC Target Genes Reveal a Primordial Signature Involved in Biomass Accumulation

Figure 7

Correlation of MYC and Myc core target gene signature (MCS) expression among 8129 samples.

(A) Correlation plot of MCS versus MYC expression across 8129 samples on the Affymetrix human U133A platform. Correlation coefficient = 0.47. p-value was determined based on correlation between MYC and randomly chosen genes (see Methods S1). Samples from a few cell or tissue types exhibiting patterns of interest are highlighted in color. (B) Correlation plot of MCS versus RXRA expression across 8129 samples on the Affymetrix U133A platform. (C) Total percentage and samples counts of each significantly enriched (FDR<5%) high MYC high MCS cell or tissue type in MYC+ MCS+ samples compared to in all samples. (D) Comparison of total percentage of tumor samples in all of the data (57.7%) to the total percentage of MYC+ MCS+ samples that are tumors (95.9%).

Figure 7