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Cell-Type Independent MYC Target Genes Reveal a Primordial Signature Involved in Biomass Accumulation

Figure 6

Myc core target gene signature increases with the neoplastic switch to frank lymphoma in vivo.

(A) Heatmap showing expression levels of the 51 Myc core target genes in wild-type, pre-malignant Eμ-Myc (4–6 week old) littermates and of Eμ-Myc lymphoma. (B) Clustering of human molecular Burkitt's lymphoma (mBL) and non-mBL samples using the 51 core target genes. (C) and (D) Heatmaps showing expression levels of B cell restricted (C) or ES cell restricted (D) upregulated Myc target genes in the mouse B cell samples. Green – low expression; Red – high expression.

Figure 6