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Cell-Type Independent MYC Target Genes Reveal a Primordial Signature Involved in Biomass Accumulation

Figure 5

Examples of cell type independent, human ES cell and B cell specific Myc targets.

(A) Gene expression levels (at log2 scale) of FBL, LIN28 and BLMH in the absence and presence of Myc induction in P493-6 B cells (measured by Affymetrix Exon arrays and Affymetrix U133 Plus 2.0 arrays), and log2 gene expression fold changes between hESC and trophoblasts (measured by Agilent microarrays) are shown. Error bars correspond to standard deviations of replicate samples. (B) ChIP-chip binding signals in human P493-6 B cells and H9 ES cells, and ENCODE ChIP-seq binding signals in three human cancer cell lines. For ChIP-chip, TileMap moving average statistic [62] m was computed for each probe using normalized log2 probe intensities, and 2m was displayed as the intensity measure. For ChIP-seq, a 100 bp sliding window was used to scan the genome. Read count in each window was shown at a 25 bp step size. E-box motifs CACGTG (black) and CANNTG (red) were mapped to peak regions and are also shown. (C) ChIP-chip [34] and ChIP-seq [40] binding signals in mouse ES cells.

Figure 5