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Cell-Type Independent MYC Target Genes Reveal a Primordial Signature Involved in Biomass Accumulation

Figure 3

Trophoblastic differentiation of H9 hESCs is associated with reduced Myc.

(A) Photomicrographs of H9 hESCs following exposure to BMP4 for the indicated times. Representative images are shown. (B) Flow cytometry of BMP4 treated cells stained for KRT-PE, a marker of trophoblastic differentiation. Immunoblot at right shows that Myc protein levels are drastically reduced in BMP4-treated H9 cells. Tubulin immunoblot shows equal loading of samples. (C) Expression of the indicated stem cell genes and those enriched in trophoblasts was determined by realtime PCR normalized to B-ACTIN.

Figure 3