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Next Generation Sequencing Provides Rapid Access to the Genome of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici, the Causal Agent of Wheat Stripe Rust

Figure 3

Genes identified in the PST-130 contigs that encode proteins involved in the ergosterol biosynthetic pathway.

In red the IDs of the PST-130 manually curated genes. ERG1: squalene epoxidase (HQ698552); ERG2: C-8 sterol isomerase (HQ698553); ERG3: C-5 sterol desaturase (JN033203); ERG4: C-24 sterol reductase (partial clone, not submitted to GenBank); ERG5: C-22 sterol desaturase (JN033204); ERG6: C-24 sterol methyl-transferase (JN033205); ERG7: lanosterol synthase (JN033206); ERG11: lanosterol 14α-demethylase (HQ698554); ERG24: C-14 sterol reductase (HQ698555); ERG25: C-4 sterol methyloxidase (JN033207); ERG26: C-4 sterol decarboxylase (JN033208); ERG27: C-3 sterol ketoreductase (JN033209).

Figure 3