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Next Generation Sequencing Provides Rapid Access to the Genome of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici, the Causal Agent of Wheat Stripe Rust

Figure 2

Microsynteny between PST-130 and PGTG contigs.

Microsynteny between PGTG [AAWC01001263 (A), AAWC01003253 (B), AAWC01000559 (C) [5]] and PST-130 (PST130_8308, PST130_8617, PST130_7101) contigs. Contig alignment and similarity visualization was done using ACT-Artemis Comparison Tool ( Red and blue lines indicate similar regions between PST-130 and PGTG contigs (% identity ≥60). Blue lines indicate inversions. Arrows correspond to putative genes predicted by geneid in PST-130 contigs and annotated genes in PGTG contigs [5].

Figure 2