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Transcriptome Analysis of MSC and MSC-Derived Osteoblasts on Resomer® LT706 and PCL: Impact of Biomaterial Substrate on Osteogenic Differentiation

Figure 1

Osteogenic differentiation of MSC on polymers.

A) Alizarin red staining of calcium accumulations on MSC, cultured on two polymers and on tissue culture polystyrene (TCPS) for 21 days either in growth medium (GM) or in osteogenic induction medium (OIM). PCL = Poly(ε-caprolactone); LT706 = Resomer® LT706; B) Quantification of Alizarin red staining via dissolving the dye and subsequent absorption measurement (λ = 405 nm); n = 3 with each 2 replicates; p>0.05; C) Electron microscopic view (SEM) of MSC, cultured for 21 days on Resomer® LT706 and PCL either in GM or in OIM. From left to right: higher magnifications of the previous picture (120× up to 20.000×). White boxes in 20.000× magnification images represent the area, which was subjected to EDS analysis (D); D) EDS Analysis of surfaces of Resomer® LT706 and PCL after a 21 day cultivation period with MSC either in GM or in OIM. Prominent peaks of calcium and phosphate were detected in samples cultured in OIM, but not in samples cultured in GM (compare y-axis scale).

Figure 1