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HIVToolbox, an Integrated Web Application for Investigating HIV

Figure 4

A model of IN:LEDGF:viral DNA based on the PFV IN structure.

(A) A model of HIV-1 IN complex with 4 IN subunits, 4 LEDGF subunits (light gray), and two viral DNA strands (dark gray); (A, B) Left panels (IN NTD = green, CCD = blue, CTD = red. (A, B) Right panels show functional sites (green = DNA binding), red = dimerization interface in 1EX4 [10], cyan = dimerization interface in 1WJA [11]; blue = tetramerization interface in 1K6Y [8]; purple = zinc binding site [11]; brown = reverse transcriptase binding site [31], light brown = tetramerization residues [16]. (B) A 90° rotation about the Y-axis of A. Orange arrowhead indicated channel proposed to bind target DNA [36].

Figure 4