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HIVToolbox, an Integrated Web Application for Investigating HIV

Figure 2

Analysis of Integrase model dimers hetero-tetramers.

Output of HIVToolbox showing spatial positions on surface plots of different function sites on IN structural models in the same orientation. (A) Models of IN dimers showing domains (left panel), several functional sites (middle panel) and residues >98% conserved (right panel, yellow). In the left panel the yellow numbers indicate the monomer subunit for each domain. In the middle panel residues are colored as follows: DNA binding residues = green, tetramerization residues = blue, active site residues = royal blue (B) IN:LEDGF hetero-tetramer showing LEDGF domains (grey) and proposed viral LTR binding groove (arrowhead) (C) IN dimer showing nuclear import motifs.

Figure 2