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PCR Master Mixes Harbour Murine DNA Sequences. Caveat Emptor!

Figure 2

Maximum likelihood tree of gag sequences.

The MLV RAxML tree for gag sequences lying between XMRV primers gagIF and gagIR was developed from the endogenous MLV sequences identified by Jern et al [19], sequences derived from CFS patients by Lo et al [5] (shown in red and blue) and the sequences amplified in this study (in green). In addition to sequences from the RNA and DNA, “1F_131010” and “1F” are included. 1F_131010 was derived from the amplification of cDNA synthesized from RNA extracted from the tissue culture fluid supernatant of an XMRV culture, kindly provided by Professor M McClure. 1F was derived from the amplification of Balb/c mouse DNA (Sigma). Bootstrap values >50 are indicated.

Figure 2