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The SOS Pilot Study: A RCT of Routine Oxygen Supplementation Early after Acute Stroke—Effect on Recovery of Neurological Function at One Week

Figure 2

Forest plot of the odds of a 4 point or greater improvement of the National Institute for Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) score between randomization and week 1.

The figures in the oxygen and control columns are the number of events (NIHSS improvement) followed by the total number in brackets which comprises events and non-events. The figure shows that the odds of improving with oxygen treatment were similar in all the subgroups tested. The apparent adverse effect in the haematoma group is not significant, and likely to be due to very small numbers of patients with improvement at one week in this subgroup (one improved in the oxygen group versus 2 on the control group. COPD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CCF: congestive cardiac failure, SSS: Scandinavian Stroke Scale, GCS: Glasgow Coma Scale, SpO2: oxygen saturation, Lag SR: time lag between stroke onset to recruitment.

Figure 2