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LRP16 Integrates into NF-κB Transcriptional Complex and Is Required for Its Functional Activation

Figure 8

The expression level of LRP16 in nuclei is positively associated with the elevated NF-κB activity in human gastric carcinoma specimens.

(A) Immunostaining of LRP16 in three representative gastric carcinoma samples. LRP16 is stained dark brown; nuclei were counterstained with hematoxylin (light blue). The left panel shows no staining. Predominant cytoplasmic staining of LRP16 is shown in the middle panel. The right panel shows predominant nuclear staining of LRP16. Bar = 20 µm. (B) The DNA binding activity of NF-κB in the LRP16 negative and positive groups was measured by using an ELISA-based chemiluminescent kit as described in Materials and Methods.

Figure 8