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Combining Clinical, Pathological, and Demographic Factors Refines Prognosis of Lung Cancer: A Population-Based Study

Figure 3

Results of survival analysis on lung adenocarcinoma patients converted to AJCC 7th Edition.

a) Histogram of Hazard Scores obtained from the comprehensive model. b) Probability of death from lung cancer prior to 24 months based on Hazard Scores calculated using the comprehensive model. c) Kaplan-Meier survival plots for low-, intermediate-, and high-risk groups determined by the comprehensive model (blue) and AJCC staging alone (orange). d) Average survival of each group in months, with log-rank P-values shown. e) Kaplan-Meier survival plots for each risk group in patients who received surgery without radiation. f) Average survival for risk groups in patients who received surgery without radiation. L: low-risk; Int: intermediate-risk; H: high-risk defined by the full model. Stage only model contains patient with stage 1, 2, 3a, 3b and 4.

Figure 3