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A High-Throughput Screen for Tuberculosis Progression

Figure 5

Automatic yolk sac injection of M. marinum and effect of treatment on infected larvae.

(A) Effect of treatment on bacterial growth (measured by COPAS) in 5 and 6 day-old fli1-egfp larvae with gfp-labelled vasculature. Blue bars represent treated embryos, red bars represent untreated embryos. (B–D) Untreated versus (E–G) treated 5 day-old larvae, depicted whole in (B and E) bright-field and (C and F) fluorescent images, and (D and G) profiled by COPAS (scale bar: 250 µm). The localization of bacteria (red) in C and F correlates well with COPAS profile peaks in D and G, respectively (peaks in the tail region are shown enlarged in the inset; arrowheads depict two representative locations).

Figure 5