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A Gross Anatomy Ontology for Hymenoptera

Figure 4

The sensu model.

A sensu is the combination of a reference, concept and term. Given this model, independent observations (e.g. A–D) can be inferred across to compute synonyms (terms sharing classes), homonyms (a term with many classes), and acts of synonymy and homonymy. For example, given A–D, we can infer that: 1) T1, T2, and T3 are synonyms (all referenced C1); 2) T3 is homonymous (it refers to C1 and C2); and that 3) the author of R1 synonymized T2 and T3. An example from the HAO is provided in E. Here two sensus are defined both referencing the same class, the result being that the labels “phallobase” and “gonocoxite IX” are synonyms.

Figure 4