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Iota-Carrageenan Is a Potent Inhibitor of Influenza A Virus Infection

Figure 7

Efficacy of iota-carrageenan in mice in comparison to oseltamivir.

Ten mice per group were intranasally infected with 8.7×103 PFU H1N1/PR/8/34 viral particles at day 0 and therapy started 48 h poi (blue indicates the placebo treatment). In addition to the group with intranasal treatment twice daily with 60 µg iota-carrageenan (green), a group of mice also received an oral dose of oseltamivir (10 mg/kg/day in 5% sucrose) (grey) twice daily for 5 days, and accordingly in combination with iota-carrageenan (red). P values were calculated by a Log-rank (Mantel-Cox) test. Survival was monitored daily for 15 days. Asterisk, p<0.05; triple asterisk p<0.001.

Figure 7