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New Basal Iguanodonts from the Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah and the Evolution of Thumb-Spiked Dinosaurs

Figure 39

Phylogenetic relationships of Iguanacolossus fortis and Hippodraco scutodens.

Reduced consensus tree of 11,850 MPTs of 358 steps each, following ordering of 22 multistate characters and safe taxonomic reduction of “Camptosaurusvaldensis and Draconyx loureiroi. The new taxa Iguanacolossus fortis and Hippodraco scutodens are highlighted. Numbers below and to the left of some nodes correspond to the following clade names: 1, Ornithopoda; 2, Iguanodontia; 3, Rhabdodontidae; 4, Dryomorpha; 5, Dryosauridae; 6, Ankylopollexia; 7, Styracosterna; 8, Hadrosauriformes; 9, Hadrosauroidea.

Figure 39