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Dynamics of Wind Setdown at Suez and the Eastern Nile Delta

Figure 9

Time series of water level and currents within the Kedua passage.

The time series is taken midway between point B and Kedua (at ‘x’ in Figure 8). The upper solid blue line represents the currents, and the lower solid red line represents the water level. The wind stress is constant from 0 to 12 hours, producing dry ground with no current in this particular grid cell after 6 hours. At 12 hours the wind drops to zero and the water surges back into this grid cell 1 hour later. Part (a) represents the West-East u-current, and (b) represents the South-North v-current. The returning wave flows from West to East in (a), and varies in direction in (b). The dotted black line represents the difference in height of the water surface for two grid points in the Kedua Gap, 86 m apart in the current direction; the vertical scale in meters is on the right. The difference in surface height has been calculated as (West - East) and (South - North) so that the plot may be compared visually with the current.

Figure 9