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Dynamics of Wind Setdown at Suez and the Eastern Nile Delta

Figure 5

Cross section of currents in the Reef test case R4.

The cross section is taken from left to right at Point A in Figure 1. The dotted horizontal red line represents the original sea level (depth = 0). The upper and lower solid blue lines represent the sea surface and sea bottom, respectively. The dashed green line represents the notch. Wind at 33 m/s blows from the left, representing a northwesterly wind as in Nof and Paldor [2]. The water has uniform potential temperature, salinity and thus density. The raised portion of the reef (Point A) emerges above sea level from 10 through 24 hours of our model integration to provide a partially dry crossing. The 3 m deep notch, however, remains below sea level.

Figure 5