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Population Genetic Analysis of Propionibacterium acnes Identifies a Subpopulation and Epidemic Clones Associated with Acne

Figure 1

Population structure of P. acnes.

Minimum evolution tree of 57 sequence types (ST) detected among 210 isolates of P. acnes from skin of healthy individuals, from patients with varying degrees of acne, and from other infectious diseases. The majority of isolates were from Caucasians. Isolates from healthy Chinese individuals are indicated by an asterix. The number of independent isolates assigned to each ST containing more than one isolate is shown in brackets. Each isolate from cases of severe acne is indicated by a filled black circle and isolates from infections in normally sterile tissues and blood are indicated by an open red circle. The correlation of clusters with biotype, PFGE type, and tly and camp5 alleles is shown to the right. The bar represents the genetic distance.

Figure 1