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Arboreal Ants Use the “Velcro® Principle” to Capture Very Large Prey

Figure 3

Percentages of cases when hunting Azteca andreae workers are able to hold onto different weights.

(A) From the upper side and the underside of C. obtusa leaves, and from a sheet of supple plastic (Kruskal-Wallis test for 0.75 g: H3,300 = 12.4; P = 0.002; for 0.125 g and 0.250 g: H3,300 = 74; P<0.0001; Dunn's post hoc test for multiple comparisons: different letters indicate significant differences at P<0.01). (B) From the underside of C. obtusa vs. C. palmata leaves (Wilcoxon signed rank test: Z = 2.37; P<0.02).

Figure 3