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Spirulina Promotes Stem Cell Genesis and Protects against LPS Induced Declines in Neural Stem Cell Proliferation

Figure 7

Spirulina increases proliferation of human neural stem cells in vitro and protects against a TNFα insult.

Human neural progenitors grown under proliferation conditions were assessed by MTT assay (A) or BrdU (B) for the effects of spirulina (125 ng/ml) or NT-020 (500 ng/ml) or the two treatments combined in the presence or absence of TNFα (20 ng/ml) for 72 hours. (A) The MTT assay shows that spirulina alone or NT-020 alone increase proliferation; surprising, the in combination proliferation is decrease compare to control ** p<0.005(compare to media alone). Addition of 20 ng/ml human recombinant TNFα significantly decreased proliferation compare to media alone (***p<0.0001). Only the addition of spirulina alone was able to revert decrease in proliferation †††p<0.05 (compare to TNFα alone). (B) Spirulina and NT-020 alone significantly increased the number of BrdU+ cells. When added together spirulina and NT-020 cause a significant decrease in proliferation ** p<0.005 ***p<0.0001 (compare to media alone). The addition of TNFα significantly decreased proliferation compare to media alone (***p<0.0001). Spirulina alone was able to prevent the decrease in the number of BrdU+ cells. ††† p<0.0001 (compare to TNFα alone).

Figure 7