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Spirulina Promotes Stem Cell Genesis and Protects against LPS Induced Declines in Neural Stem Cell Proliferation

Figure 5

Spirulina rats have a decreased astrocyte response to LPS.

(A) LPS caused a significant increase in the percentage of the dentate gyrus which was GFAP positive. The spirulina fed rats had a reduced GFAP response LPS compare to the control diet fed rats with LPS. *** p = 0.0002 (NIH-31 vs. NIH-31+LPS). ††† P = 0.0003 (NIH-31+LPS vs. spirulina+LPS). (B) There was no significant difference in the total number of GFAP+ cells. (C) Representative photomicrograph of the GFAP immunohistochemical staining in the hippocampus. The white arrow points to the area shown in (D) at 20× magnification.

Figure 5