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Spirulina Promotes Stem Cell Genesis and Protects against LPS Induced Declines in Neural Stem Cell Proliferation

Figure 3

Orthogonal projections of BrdU IBA1 co-staining.

(A–C) shows a representative cluster of BrdU+ cells in the SGZ confirming the cells are not microglia by the lack of colocalization with IBA-1. (D–E) shows a cluster of BrdU+ cells in the LPS treated rats that are not microglia. (G–I) shows a BrdU+ that does double label with the microglia marker IBA-1 as noted by the yellow color in the merged panel. (J–K) shows BrdU and IBA-1 staining in the Spirulina fed rats. Note, in this and all confocal images the side panels for each box are 90° rotations of the Z-stacks for confirmation of double labeling.

Figure 3