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Spirulina Promotes Stem Cell Genesis and Protects against LPS Induced Declines in Neural Stem Cell Proliferation

Figure 1

Spirulina protects against LPS induced decrease in cell proliferation.

(A) Results of the Stereological counts of the number of BrdU+ cells demonstrated that spirulina was able completely block the LPS induced decline in inflammation. *** p = 0.0049 (NIH-31 vs. NIH-31+LPS). ††† P = 0.0090 (NIH-31+LPS vs. spirulina+LPS). (B) Shows the representative BrdU staining in the rats without LPS. (C) After LPS in the rats fed the control diet there are fewer BrdU+ cells. (D) In the spirulina fed rat LPS did not cause a decrease in proliferation. (All photomicrographs taken at 10× magnification).

Figure 1