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Collective Defense of Aphis nerii and Uroleucon hypochoeridis (Homoptera, Aphididae) against Natural Enemies

Figure 1

Sketch of solitary defense reactions in A. nerii and U. hypochoeridis aphids.

Spinning of A. nerii individuals (A, B) is executed in a way so that the tip of the abdomen follows an almost circular path (dotted lines in A). B A visual stimulus presented from the right side (arrow in B) results in a circular movement of the tip of the abdomen and a similar circular movement of the right hind leg. C Resting position of U. hypochoeridis. D and E Successive steps sketching twitching U. hypochoeridis aphids when the stimulus (arrow) is presented on the right side. F Kicks executed by U. hypochoeridis when an object approaches from behind.

Figure 1