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Isoform-Specific Upregulation of Palladin in Human and Murine Pancreas Tumors

Figure 6

Detection of palladin in post-surgical samples collected with 18-gauge needles.

A. Samples of normal (lane 1 to 3) and pancreatic adenocarcinoma (lanes 4 to 7) were obtained from donated post-surgical organs using 18-gauge needles. Tissue samples were snap-frozen, ground, lysed and analyzed as in Figure 1. The blot was stained with both monoclonal (1E6) and polyclonal (622) palladin antibodies, and the major band (85–90 kDa) was detected by both antibodies in all tumor samples. B. Same samples (normal, lane 1–3 and PDA, lane 4–7) were analyzed for epithelial vs myofibroblast markers. The blot was stained with both, anti-E-cadherin antibody (as an epithelial cell marker) and anti-αSMA antibody (as a myofibroblast marker). Blots were stained for tubulin as a control for equal loading.

Figure 6