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The Anopheles gambiae Odorant Binding Protein 1 (AgamOBP1) Mediates Indole Recognition in the Antennae of Female Mosquitoes

Figure 3

qRT-PCR determination of mRNA levels in mosquitoes.

Pools of 5 female mosquitoes 4 days after injection with AgamOBP1-dsRNA or AgamOBP7-dsRNA were analysed. Values were normalized to RpS7(S7). While OBP mRNA levels of a control OBP (AgamOBP7-left, AgamOBP4-right) remained unchanged, mRNA levels of the corresponding injected dsRNA (AgamOBP1-left, AgamOBP7-right) were reduced about 10-fold; C control, I injected.

Figure 3