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A New Horned Crocodile from the Plio-Pleistocene Hominid Sites at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

Figure 10

Variation in the morphology of the maxillary ramus of the ectopterygoid.

All images from right side of skull in ventral view. A, NHM R.5893, Crocodylus anthropophagus, posterior end of right maxilla and partial maxillary ramus of ectopterygoid. B, KNM FLKNI, C. anthropophagus, partial right maxilla; articulation surface for ectopterygoid is preserved. C, USNM 194831, C. niloticus. D, USNM 248848, C. niloticus. E, FMNH 17157, C. niloticus. Arrow indicates cleft in maxillary ramus of ectopterygoid; questionably present in A, on medial margin of suborbital fenestra in D. Scale = 1 cm.

Figure 10