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A Biological Rationale for Musical Scales

Figure 1

Pentatonic and heptatonic scales (included tones are indicated by red dots).

The five pentatonic scales are modes of the same set of notes, the only difference being the starting note or tonic. Seven of the nine heptatonic scales shown are also modes that entail the same notes in different arrangements (the exceptions are the harmonic and melodic minor scales). There are three unique forms of the minor heptatonic scale: the natural, harmonic and melodic (the melodic minor scale shown is designated as ascending since this scale is identical to the natural minor scale when descending). Although the scales shown begin and end on specific notes of the keyboard, each could begin on any note and retain its identity as long as all intervals between notes remained the same. Scale tones are represented on keyboards for didactic purposes only in this and subsequent figures and should not be interpreted as being tuned in equal temperament (see Methods).

Figure 1