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Genomes2Drugs: Identifies Target Proteins and Lead Drugs from Proteome Data

Figure 2

Enrichment of P. falciparum proteome by RhuPDB – PDB targets.

Enrichment curves plot the accumulation of user-defined ‘hits’ as a function of rank number. Thus in an ideal case (red line), each consecutive entry in the ascending ranked list will be a hit. Alternatively, if ranking provides no selection the hits will be distributed randomly across the genome (light blue line). The enrichment percentage as a function of rank are shown in dark blue. The 5283 proteins in the P. falciparum 3D7 strain test set were searched using Genomes2Drugs and ranked by RhuPDB. P. falciparum and malaria related hits from PDB were identified using keyword searching of the 〈pdb_title〉 field, and their position in the ranked list identified. The insert, which highlights the first 500 entries, shows that almost 80% of the entries with close homology to known P. falciparum crystal structures were identified in the first 10% of the genome.

Figure 2