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Gene Expression Profiles of Sporadic Canine Hemangiosarcoma Are Uniquely Associated with Breed

Figure 4

Differential Sensitivity of Canine Hemangiosarcoma Cell Lines to VEGFR Inhibitors.

The effect of three VEGFR inhibitors on proliferation and viability of hemangiosarcoma cells was tested in vitro. The selectivity and half maximal inhibitory concentrations for Drugs 1, 2, and 3 are listed in the Materials and Methods. Cells (10,000/well) were plated in duplicate in a 96-well microtiter plates and allowed to attach for 16 hr prior to addition of inhibitors at the indicated concentration. Cells were then cultured for 72 hr, and the number of viable cells was determined using the MTS assay. Absorption at 490 nm for each well was averaged, and data normalized to % viability where the mean of wells that received no treatment (0 nm) was considered = 100%. The mean of two independent experiments is shown at drug concentrations of 100 nM. P-values were calculated using Student's T-test.

Figure 4