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Mechanism of Neuronal versus Endothelial Cell Uptake of Alzheimer's Disease Amyloid β Protein

Figure 11

A–D: F-Aβ40 uptake into the acidic compartments of bovine brain microvascular endothelial (BBME) cells labeled by Lysotracker Red® (60×). (A) Uptake of F-Aβ40 (B) Uptake of Lysotracker Red®; (C) Superimposition of images A and B; (D) A magnified portion of image C (enclosed in the white rectangle) to show co-localization of both fluorophores. I–II: Histograms of fluorescence intensity in BBME cells treated with (I) F-Aβ40: (A) Untreated control, (B) at 4°C, (C) at 37°C; and (II) AF633-Trf: (A) Untreated control, (B) at 4°C, (C) at 37°C.

Figure 11