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Distinct Roles of Jasmonates and Aldehydes in Plant-Defense Responses

Figure 2

Choice and no choice tests with the green peach aphid (Myzus persicae).

(A) Choice bioassays performed on pairs of plant genotypes where a single M. persicae alate female was released in each cage containing the most comparable pair of genotypes. The initial nymph deposition preference was determined within 2 days of aphid release. Bar graphs represent the actual numbers of alates. One-tailed binomial tests were used to determine significance (P<0.05). (B) Population increase of aphids (fecundity) upon the release of a newly deposited nymph on a single plant of indicated genotype during 15 days of reproduction. The graphs indicate the mean numbers of aphids per plant±SE. Each of the above-described tests was performed on ∼30 individual plants per genotype.

Figure 2