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Chimpanzee Autarky

Figure 3

A comparison of the percent (±SE) of exchange behavior of the Bastrop and LRC subjects, showing very similar behavior between the enculturated (LRC) and non-enculturated (Bastrop) chimpanzees.

As expected, chimpanzees from neither group ever exchanged the most preferred item (grape at Bastrop, M&M at LRC) for a less preferred item (apple at Bastrop, cucumber at LRC), and subjects typically exchanged the majority of their least preferred items (carrot at Bastrop, cucumber at LRC) for their most preferred items (grape at Bastrop, M&M at LRC). However, chimpanzees from neither group exchanged all of their middle value items (cucumber at Bastrop, sweet potato at LRC) for their most preferred items, even though the higher value items were highly preferred in other contexts.

Figure 3