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High-Throughput Sequencing of Arabidopsis microRNAs: Evidence for Frequent Birth and Death of MIRNA Genes

Figure 6

Targeting specificity of recently evolved MIRNAs. Two target prediction scores are shown for each of 16 miRNAs: best overall predicted target score (blue) and target scores calculated for MIRNA foldback-similar genes (grey). Left column indicates whether or not the best overall predicted target gene is in the same family as the foldback-similar gene. A dot indicates that the predicted gene is in an experimentally validated target family. Two calculations corresponding to the two major populations from the MIR161 locus (miR161.1 and miR161.2) are shown. The identities of targets are listed in Supplemental Table S3. The plot is centered on a target prediction score of 4, as this corresponds to the upper limit of a reasonable prediction.

Figure 6