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High-Throughput Sequencing of Arabidopsis microRNAs: Evidence for Frequent Birth and Death of MIRNA Genes

Figure 2

Comparison of conserved and non-conserved MIRNA families. (A) Effect of dcl1-7 and hen1-1 mutations on levels of target transcripts for conserved (black) and non-conserved (red) miRNAs. Expression data are shown for two validated or high-confidence predicted targets, if available, for each family. Arrows indicate targets for miR824 (AGL16), miR858 (MYB12) and miR161.1 (At1g63130, a PPR gene). (B) Numbers of gene family members for conserved and non-conserved MIRNAs (Tables 1 and 2). (C) Relative numbers of miRNA target family functions for conserved and non-conserved miRNAs (Tables 1 and 2). Only target classes that have been validated experimentally are included. Note that Table 2 shows many MIRNA families with weak or no predicted targets, and these are not represented in the chart.

Figure 2